2024 Rules & Regulations

  1. Registration of Team and Players

    All players must be registered with the LSA and must have executed an LSA waiver.

    No player may register or play for more than 1 team in SELASA during any given season unless a one time trade/transfer is authorized by the League.

    Teams with rosters in multiple divisions will be considered separate teams by the league.

    Players must have a state issued ID ready for inspection before each game.

    Each teams will pay a set fee of $750.
    Each player will cost an additional $50.00 to register.
    All players must be registered to play.

    Teams must have at least 18, but not more than 25 players on their roster on any given week.

    All players must be at least 18 years of age.

    Any changes to a team’s roster, including any trade/transfer, must be made by Wednesday before an upcoming game.

    Registration shall close the Wednesday prior to the 7th game of the regular season. After closing of registration no additional players may be added to a team’s roster.

    The league will maintain a database of free agents looking to join a SELASA team. Before each season teams will have the ability to grade free agents, and a free agent allotment system will take place wherein the last place team in Division 1 (the first-place team from Division 2 the previous season) will have the first opportunity to select a player, followed by the next to last place team, until all teams in Division 1 have had the opportunity to select a player. The same process will be repeated for Division 2, and then Division 3.

    Afterwards, teams may contact and solicit free agents at their discretion.

  2. The League

    The league will include 18 teams.

    The league will have three (3) divisions of 6 teams each – Divisions 1, 2, and 3.

    There will be two seasons each calendar year – Spring and Fall.

    Each season will involve 10 games – 2 games against each division opponent.

    At the conclusion of each season, the winner of each lower division will be promoted to the next division up. The loser of each upper division will be relegated to the next division down. Promotion and relegation will be mandatory.

  3. The Cup

    Each season will include an open Cup Tournament. 

    The tournament will be single elimination.

    The 1st and 2nd place teams from Division 1 the previous season will receive a 1st round bye

  4. Game Days

    Team players must have a unique numbered shirt on the field.

    Only registered players on a team’s official roster may play.

    Players must bring their state issued ID to each game to prove they are registered.

    The league will provide each team with a game ball at the commencement of the season.

    The balls will be of a uniform make and model and marked with team name, phone number, and email address.

    The home team is responsible for furnishing the game ball.

    If a team loses the ball, it will be responsible for purchasing an identical make and model ball as a replacement prior to its next home game. Any disputes regarding responsibility for lost balls will be addressed by the league’s Competition Committee.

  5. Scheduling, Cancellations, and Forfeits

    All games will be played at the time and place set forth on the schedule posted on the SELASA web site.

    Games should begin promptly at their scheduled times.

    Games will be allotted two (2) hours to complete. Those two hours will allow for the completion of two (2) 45-minute halves, up to 15 minutes at halftime, and a 10-minute grace period should one team request additional time before beginning.

    Referees must allow a team up to a 10 minutes delay after the scheduled start time should a team request it. And referees may not reduce the 45-minute halves should a team exercise its 10-minute grace period.

    Additional delay of the start of a game may be granted by an opposing team. Any delay beyond the first 10 minutes will be deducted from the 45 minutes allotted to play the first half. The second half will remain 45 minutes long, however.

    In rare circumstances, such as rainouts or forfeits, the website may not be immediately updated. In such circumstance, the league president or his designee will notify team captains.

    Should a game be cancelled for inclement weather, or other unexpected reasons, before the game begins, or, if after the game has started, before the 23rd minute of the first half, that game will be rescheduled by the league.

    Should a game be cancelled after the game has started, and after the 23rd minute but before the completion of the first half, that game will be rescheduled so that the second half may be played at a later date.

    Should a game be cancelled after the game has started, and after the completion of the first half, then that game will be considered “complete” and will not be rescheduled.

    If a team cannot field at least 8 players for a scheduled game, the team captain must provide notice of forfeiture no later than 8 pm on the Friday night prior to the scheduled Sunday game. Notice must be sent by email to the opposing captain, the league president and vice president, and the coordinator of the officials, Hector Berrios. All email addresses will be posted on the league website.

    A team, which is not able to field a squad of at least 8 players within the allotted grace period, will forfeit the match.

    If injury or ejection occurs during a game, a team may continue with 7 players. But at no point may a team continue play with less than 7 players.

    Upon a forfeit with proper notice a fee of $160 will be charged and credited to the opposing team (if a game is not played).

    Upon a forfeit without notice a fee of $160 will be charged, and a forfeit bond of $160 will also be required. The forfeiting team will play no further games until the forfeit fee and bond have been received. Upon a second forfeit during a season the bond will be surrendered. If the team seeks to re-register in a subsequent season that registration shall be conditioned upon receipt of a $320 forfeit bond.

    However, the league reserves the right to not invite a team that forfeits two or more games, regardless of whether notice was provided, to participate in the following SELASA season.

    A winning team by forfeit shall be awarded a score of 3–0 goals, or in the case of a forfeit after a game has commenced the actual score, whichever provides the winning team the greater goal differential, and 3 standing points to the winning team.

  6. Red card/Yellow card suspension policy

    Cards shall be subject to suspensions as follows:

    1. Red Card as a result of two yellow card offenses:
      Ejection from the game plus a one game suspension

    2. Straight red card for dissent or other nonviolent conduct
      Ejection from the game plus a one game suspension

    3. Straight red card for any violent or malicious conduct, including dangerous tackles
      Ejection from the game plus a two game suspension

    4. Red card relating to fighting
      Ejection from the game, plus a two game suspension, plus any additional punishment deemed appropriate by the board of directors. Depending upon the circumstances punishment may include additional suspension up to season long suspension or lifetime ban from the league.

    Suspensions will be inclusive of both the League and the Cup, meaning a card in either will carry over to the next calendared game(s).

    Although the league will monitor red cards and the enforcement of suspensions, team captains shall be responsible for ensuring that suspended players do not participate in games. Any team who uses a suspended player in a match shall forfeit that match and face possible additional sanctions by the board of directors.

    Any team may appeal the issuance of a card.

    An appeal shall consist of a written challenge sent electronically to the League President.  That challenge must be received by 5 pm the Tuesday following the issuance of the card.

    The President will then request that the league referee coordinator provide a report from the issuing head referee of the game in which the card was issued. The opposing team will be given the option to provide a written position.

    All documents will then be provided to the League’s Disciplinary Committee for review pursuant Disciplinary Committee Review Rules.

  7. Reporting Game Results

    At the conclusion of each game, each team captain shall meet with the referee to confirm the score of the game, the name of each player to score, and the name of any player(s) issued a card during that game. That report, which shall include the final score, any scorers, any red cards, and any other relevant issues, including protests, or the suspected participation of ineligible, non-registered, or suspended players, will be signed by both captains and presented to Hector Berrios who will then provide a final report of all games to the officers and the webmaster.

    The final report shall be made by email no later than 5 pm of the day of the match.

  8. Injuries

    If there are any injuries that occur during game play, the captain of the team of the injured player shall fill out an injury report.

    Injury reports will be available from the Referee Coordinator.

    That injury report will be presented to the head referee and will be attached to the game report.